Friday, September 18, 2009

Tips for plus modeling when you're not industry standard

Sorry this took so long I know I promised this post a while ago. Anyway here goes.

First off I'm assuming you all know what the term industry standard means. If you don't know the industry requirements for plus models read my previous post "All you need to know about plus modeling"

But what if you don't the industry requirements? Say you're 5'7' or you have a tattoo or two, is it absolutely certain you will not get modeling work? The answer is no. While chances are slim to none that you'll get signed by an agency you can still get work and make some extra cash.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you'd never get signed it's just not likely and it depends on your own unique scenario. I could probably get picked up by an agency if I lost a few dress sizes. At 5'8' (which is short in plus modeling standards) it would be hard for me to be singed seeing as I'm a size 18. My chances would be much greater if I were a size 12 or 14.

So let's get started.

First make yourself a modeling profile to get yourself out there. There are sites like OMP (one model place) and Model Mayhem where you can make a free profile and don't need professional pictures. They also allow you to network with photographers, wardrobe stylists, make up artists and other models. I've made quite a few contacts through Model Mayhem and they also have a casting section where you can search castings by country, state and city.

Go to all your favorite plus clothing websites and see if they have info on how to submit to model for them. Torrid has online submission information right on their site so does Fashion and most clothing websites don't have a specific height requirement and if they do it's usually not as strict as most agencies.

Ditch the diva attitude. I can't tell you how many aspiring plus models I've seen act a fool and accuse people of being haters when they were just offering advice. Often times the person offering the advices is someone who is in the business or at least knows a bit about it and now will never work with said diva model 'cause of her bad attitude. Wannabe plus models are a dime a dozen and the plus modeling community is small. Very small you never know who you could have just told off. Probably someone who could have helped you further your career.

Go to any and every model search or casting call you can. Many plus magazines such as Skorch, Plus Model magazine and Venus diva are always looking for new faces and often hold model searches. As well as clothing designers and clothing websites.

Don't get discouraged if you don't get chosen for a model search or casting. You're not going to get every job you go for just move on to the next.

Stay realistic. If you're looking for fame and fortune plus modeling is probably not the thing for you. Most plus models even agency ones still have to work a day job. Just realize you won't be able to retire off of plus modeling and in the beginning you'll probably end up spending more than you make.

Plus modeling is not for everyone but it is super fun and awesome to know that you can show people you can be beautiful at any size.

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