Monday, August 31, 2009

Michael Kors and Calvin Klein plus lines!

Oh my goodness Michael Kors and Calvin Klein have plus lines now available at select Macy's, Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale's! I am so excited about this I cannot even begin to tell you! This is definitely a step in the right direction toward the definition of plus size fashion.

This Calvin Klein dress is on sale right now at Macy' for $69.99 (was 139.99)

This Michael Kors dress is on sale for $69.65 (was $99.50)

Unfortunately I have to go but go check out these lines ladies! www.Macy' I'm especially liking the Calvin Klein line

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Plusologie shoot

Hey, hey, hey! Here are some behind the scenes pics from the photo shoot. The site launches 09/25/2009 I can't wait to see the clothes on the site it's gonna be hot!


Me before I got my hair did

Samantha getting her makeup done

The beautiful Silvia getting her makeup done

Let's get some shoes. Let's get some shoes, let's party!

Samantha all done up

Me with full hair and makeup

Queanna doing her thang!

Silvia again

Christina posing

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The shirt dress...

Wasn't planning on blogging tonight but came across this dress on and couldn't resist!


I love this dress and the best part? It's end of Summer and Fall fashion ready.

For a warm Summer night I'd pair it with some sassy heels like these from Jessica Simpson ($98 at


And some big dangle earrings

These are $10 on

For a more fall look I'd pair it with stocking like the ones in the pic. Some maryjanes or boots
and a cute scarf around the neck.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news for my friends in Canada (especially the plus size ones). I recently found out through a friend that there are a lot of online plus size clothing stores who do not ship to Canada for whatever reason. I'm located in the U.S. and am glad to offer shipping services to Canada. If you see something you want on a website that doesn't ship to Canada let me know and I will have it shipped to me and then forward it on to you.

This process will take a little bit longer than standard shipping but it's nice to at least have the option where you otherwise wouldn't have
If you're interested please contact me at

Here are a few plus size stores that don't ship to Canada
Forever 21
Jessica London
Lane Bryant

Saturday, August 8, 2009

All you need to know about plus modeling

I get asked a lot "How do I get into plus modeling?" so I decided to do a post on it.

First off what is a plus model? Most people think that if you're a plus size woman you can automatically be a plus size model, not true. There are lots of requirements to be a plus model. In the same way not many people qualify to be a fashion model, there aren't many plus women who are within the requirements to be a plus model. Plus models are basically larger versions of their straight sized model counterparts. They still have to have toned bodies, be proportioned, photogenic, have good teeth and yes they still have to be...Wait for it here it comes...They still have to be tall. I've had lots of girls ask me if they could make it as a plus model and they stand at 5'5' with platforms on, sorry honey but this is one requirement that most agencies will not budge on.

Some links with great information on getting started in plus modeling.

This is a thread in the Model Mayhem forums but it's filled with industry professionals who know their stuff. If they give you advice please take it 'cause they know what they're talking about.

General requirements

plus models range in size the most common are 10, 12, 14, and 16 (sizes 8, 18 and 20 are also used but not as often) with size 10 and 12 being used more on the east coast and size 12-16 on the west coast

Height requirements for plus models are 5'8-6'0 (although many agencies requirements are 5'9-6'0)

Beautiful face and good bone structure with a nice smile (that includes good teeth)

Toned well proportioned (bust, waist and hip measurements should be about 10 inches apart 42,32,42 etc) bodies with minimal cellulite, stretch marks and flab

In demand look (translation you must have a current look but not too trendy and not overtly sexy the plus modeling industry is conservative) think Talbots and Lane Bryant.)

clear skin

minimal tattoos if any

must be photogenic
Age ranges from 16 to usually 35
As far as age plus modeling depends more on how old you look not how old you are since one of the benefits to being plus size is we don't age as fast plus models have a much longer shelf life than their straight sized counterparts. At 26 I wouldn't even be ancient by straight modeling standards I'd be extinct.

So those are the requirements for being a plus model. It's probably a lot harder than a lot of people think it is to be a plus model. Please note the requirements above are industry standard requirements.

Here are some examples of agency signed plus models








If you don't fit the industry standard for being a plus model stay tuned. My next post "So I don't fit the industry standard. Now what?" will be all about finding work when you're not industry standard and without an agency. I'll offer tips and information on how to get yourself out there.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More to love

I missed the original airing so I watched it on hulu later therefore I'm a little late jumping on the more to love bandwagon. So in case you haven't heard more to love is Fox's new reality dating show where all the females are plus size women, hence the more to love title.

I mus admit first off these bachelor type house full of crazy women chasing after one guy who just wants to jam his tongue down everyone's throat reality dating shows are usually not my thing but here goes.

Ok so first thing I notice is this guy Luke Conley is not that impressive to me. Ok he's got a decent job but big whoop there are plenty of men who have good jobs what makes him so special? Second thing I notice is he's chubby wtf?! Please don't get me wrong I have nothing against heavier guys I've even dated one or two I just don't get why they couldn't get a thin guy. Seems like they're trying to say fatties can only date and be attracted to other fatties. I know that's not right, most of the men I've dated including my fiancée are thin. What I want to know is why the hell I need to see him eating and saying he loves food. He's heavy I get it Americans think that everyone who's fat eats a lot but I don't think Fox is doing the plus community any good by playing up that stereotype. Ok so now that we've met the dude let's meet the ladies.

Ok seriously these introductions are taking too long. Why do they need to start off with 20 chicks? Must say I do like some of these dresses though. Ok Christina needs to do a little growing up and realize that guys don't pay attention to her when she's out with her thinner friends because of he self esteem issues not her size. Did Heather really just say she's never been in a relationship because of her weight?! Honey the only thing keeping you from a relationship is YOU, weight has nothing to do with it. Heather's got a hot dress on just wish she had the confidence to go with it. Now Amanda is saying she didn't even have a prom date because of her size, I'm sensing a trend here. Just a second, why are all these chicks crying?

Did Anna just say someone who could love me for who I am? She's gorgeous what the hell is she talking about? Why is everyone acting like he's the only man on the face of this planet who likes curvy girls? Natasha said looks are shouldn't be the most important thing, I've got news for you miss plus women are hot and there are plenty, let me repeat plenty of men who love women with curvy bodies. The thought that most men prefer thin women is a myth. I've been on plenty of dates and know of plenty of men who love curvy chicks, my size has never stopped me from being in a romantic relationship. It's not about size it's about confidence without it even the thinnest girl would be overlooked. Confidence is the answer to the question "what she's got that I don't" we all have those days when we feel we look like crap but having the confidence in yourself and the fact that men are attracted to you is the key you need to get the attention you crave.

So I think I've seen enough of these introductions to realize these women were picked not because of their size but because of their insecurities about their size. This is really very frustrating for me being a plus woman who is confident and who knows that I'm sexy and that there are plenty of men who prefer my body type to others. It frustrates me because I haven't always been this comfortable with my size especially when I was a teen. It's hard for me knowing that there are young girls who are plus size who are going to watch this show and think that this accurately portrays the plus size community and how men view them.

I commend Fox for actually having this show and I will continue to watch to support them even having plus women on tv but I think they could have done a much better job. It's disappointing to me that instead of portraying plus size women and the men who love them the way it really is they decided to go for drama and exploit the insecurities of these few women who don't know any better. These women shouldn't be trying to be in a relationship based on their baggage alone. I'll watch again next Tuesday but Fox will be receiving a letter from me.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fashion Aid LA

Ok so I'm a little late posting this Fashion aid LA stuff (it took place in December) but only a little. First off let me tell you what Fashion Aid LA is.

Every December the *Kierrah Foundation puts on a Fundraiser/Toy drive to help lend support to women who are former foster children who aged out of foster care and some have children of their own now. The fashion show was produced by Parris Harris and included designers such as Curvy QT, Stop Staring, Fashion overdose, Delisiana and more. My friends Lisa, Sommer and I walked for a few of the designers.

Below are some pics from the event hope you enjoy!

Oh btw Mr.T was there how cool is that?! Funny story, my Dad saw Mr.T in the restroom and told him he looked like a young Mr.T! To which Mr.T replied "Thank you" Lol my dad is crazy.

*To learn more about the Kierrah Foundation or possbily donate go here

Curvy QT backstage

Curvy QT on the runway

Curvy QT Lisa on the runway

Curvy QT on the runway

Lisa and I in Curvy QT

Curvy QT backstage