Saturday, September 12, 2009

I just found out about today and boy let me tell you! Now this is how plus fashion should be done here in the US. Carmakoma is a plus size line designed by two Danish clothing designers Angelica Weiss and Heidie Lykke.

Carmakoma offers some extremely chic fashionable pieces that U.S. lines seem to lack.

Just take a look at this black strapless number. So cute, the perfect thing for night out dancing. This dress is on sale right now for $34.62 which is a steal (the original price was $115.19)


Here's another hot dress on sale as well for $34.62 (was $115.19) This dress is so versatile I could pair it with some leggings and heels or some knee high boots.


Next is a very pretty purple wrap dress. This one is a little bit more at $95.96 but it's still reasonable. This would look great with some gold or silver strappy heels and chandelier earrings.


Last but definitely not least is Carmakoma's hallo jacket. I ablsolutely love this piece in fact it's my favorite from the entire site. I've been looking for a new plus size jacket lately and have only found boring grandmaish styles. This jacket is a wonderful edgy breath of fresh air and at $172.88 there's no reason any plus size fashionista should exclude this from her wardrobe.


I hope you all enjoyed this post and encourage you to go check out right now. We need more designers who understand plus size women love chic edgy fashion too!


  1. I recently did a post about them on my blog and let me tell you their clothes are amazing!!! Just FAB, they know the fit and cut and their are fashionable. LOVES IT!

  2. Exactly. I love how they don't follow what every other plus designer is doing making kimono shirts and tent dresses. Excuse me I have a waist and I'd like it to look like it.