Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bye bye 2008

So 2008 is done and gone. It had it's ups and downs but in the end 2008 turned out to be a interesting and life altering year for me. Some new relationships were formed, some were dissolved and some were rekindled ;)
I've met some people who I have made parts of the year great. Joella, Sommer, Joe and Lisa to name a few. I've also reconnected with some old friends Kenny, Beverly and Jennifer.

Most of all though I am most grateful for Jimmy and I reuniting. For those of you who do not know Jimmy and I are engaged. We were together about seven years ago and recently got back together (If you care to hear the back story about us I will go over it in another blog).

Jimmy being a part of my life has been nothing short of amazing. If you would have told me at the beginning of 2008 that I'd be engaged and madly in love by the end of the year I would have asked what you were smoking. It's funny how he resurfaced right when I was for once totally happy and secure in my singleness. Yup mighty funny. Only thing left I can say about Jimmy is I'm very glad we are together (Chorus of Reunited by Peaches and Herb pllays in my head) and I have been very blessed to have him.

Now in Nessy news. Vanessa is now six years old! Oh my gosh I know this sounds lame and cliche but she has grown up so fast. She's in first grade now and excelling in school and all other extra curicullar activities such as sports and piano. She is growing at an alarming almost non-human rate. She is going to be a very tall girl. I can barely hold her now and I've got some muscles on me. I could swear just yesterday I was able to hold her in one arm while she stared up at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes of hers (gonna be a heart breaker that one is). She has blossomed into a fantastic young girl. She is intelligent, beautiful, fun, but most of all kind and loving.
Oh gosh here I go sorry. I sound a bit boastful now but I've not meant to. Honestly I'm not neccessarily speaking of Vanessa in a prideful way but in pure amazement. This little girl amazes me all the time with how awesome she is. So please forgive me if I seem to be boasting it's not that way at all I just still can't get over who Vanessa has turned out to be. I'm extremely happy that she is who she is and I know she still has a lot of growing to do but I'm very excited to see what comes next for her.

Ok lastly let's about careers. 2008 was actually a pretty good year for my modeling. Funny thing is this is the year I've taken the most brakes and done the least to find work for myself.
I was featured in the July issue of venus diva magazine which was pretty cool since the swimsuit pic they used was from my cruise to Ensenada I took for my birthday.
I have also booked a recurring fit modeling job for a company called Trunkettes. They make swim trunks and swimwear for girls and I must admit when I first heard that I thought ugly frumpy stuff I'd never wear. Another surprise their stuff is actually cute and I would wear it. I've also been working regularly with a plus size clothing designer and her website. She contacted me on Model Mayhem for a trade shoot. I modeled for her and was paid in clothes for the first shoot but after that she'd offered to pay me which was awesome. It's nice to be working even when I'm not actively seeking work.

As for my day job I'm currently working for a reproductive clinic in Pasadena. I'm also currently looking for a new job. That's all I'm going to say about that.

All in all 2008 sure had it's bumps but I learned and gained a lot this past year and I'm thankful for everything God has done in my life thus far.
All I can hope is that I will continue to grow and learn. I am looking forward to seeing what 2009 has got in store for me.

Here's wishing you a happy and blessed new year!

Love Ari

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